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Top Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap, Second-Hand Lawnmower for Sale

While it is never easy resisting a good deal, it is also amazing how many see a lawnmower as a commodity they need to buy as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, the cheapest is often not the best option. If you are on the fence about grabbing that hover-type, brightly coloured lawnmower for sale online, here are a few things to consider:

  • Establish your lawn size and how often you will be mowing.
  • Do you want a patchy lawn or an even, polished lawn?
  • What is the engine capacity and brand?
  • Can parts be locally sourced?
  • Is the seller a user or a dealer?
  • Do you have the maintenance history of the lawnmower?

When considering whether you should buy a cheap, second-hand lawnmower, it is important to recognise that garden machinery deteriorates and depreciates over time. Just like a tractor, chainsaw, or auger, a machine can become progressively less capable of doing its job, and will require constant maintenance. If not serviced regularly, it becomes obsolete and will need replacing altogether.

At Lawnmower Clinic, we are here to tell you that you do not have to pay top dollar to get a new lawnmower that does everything you need, especially when you shop at Lawnmower Clinic in Pretoria. With years of lawnmower knowledge, as well as being witness to some seriously old, critically ill lawnmowers flying through our “ICU” repairs shop each day, we believe that second-hand is not always better. There really is no point in investing in an old, second-hand lawnmower when you can buy an imported name brand from a lawnmower dealer that is renowned for only supplying the top international and local brands at prices not much higher than gumtree prices.

At Lawnmower Clinic, we have been supplying, repairing, and servicing garden and forestry machinery, indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment, and light construction, pumps, and power equipment since 1978. Not only do we supply some of the best lawnmowers for sale in South Africa, such as cylinder, electric, petrol, and hover lawnmowers, but we also provide accessories that range from replacement engines, electric motors, trimmer lines, blades, starter cords, chainsaw chains, oil, and a variety of additional accessories.

Striving to offer a brilliant after sale service, we provide excellent warranty’s, and our service also comes with free delivery on all our machines, which all come assembled and ready to start mowing from the moment they are delivered. When looking for a lawnmower for sale, partner with the experts. Partner with Lawnmower Clinic.