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How to Choose the Perfect Type of Lawnmower for Sale for Your Yard

Not happy about having to fork out hundreds each month on a lawn garden service? We all want a lush, leafy green lawn we can be proud of. Unfortunately, it is not easy during the rainy autumn months. Rain sure does make the grass grow fast. But why throw good money away when you can do the job yourself by purchasing your very own lawnmower.

But purchasing a new one for sale is super easy, right? You simply walk into a garden equipment store, choose the cheapest and most durable looking mower, and go home and start mowing. The truth is buying a lawnmower is not easy at all. With a maze of choices that range from electric, cylinder, and petrol to hover, there is a great deal to think about before grabbing the first one that catches your eye. With autumn mower madness in full gear, here is how to choose the perfect one for your yard.

Petrol and Electric Powered-Lawnmowers

While both petrol and electric variations are excellent at getting the job done, choosing the right one really depends on your yard size, budget, and personal preference. If you have a small yard, then an electric mower is going to be perfect for you. They are also much quieter, cheaper, and easier to operate and maintain. And if you are someone who cares about the environment, you will be happy to learn that they are also easier on the environment than petrol lawnmowers. Whereas electric mowers are the best choice for smaller yards, petrol ones are the best choice for larger yards. Although they are a bit more on the pricey side, they are far more powerful and faster at cutting, and they are much easier to manoeuvre around large objects.

Cylinder and Hover Mowers

Whereas both cylinder and hover mowers cut the grass from above using a rotating cutting disc, there are a couple of differences to be aware of. Whereas both vary in the way they cut grass, cylinder mowers are best for flat lawns, but struggle more on damp, longer grass or uneven surfaces. Hover mowers, on the other hand, hover above the ground, making them easier to push and mow wet, uneven surfaces.

Whatever the size of your lawn, it is time to consider how you are going to keep it under control over the rainy season, but before you even type “lawnmower for sale” into Google, visit Lawnmower Clinic in Pretoria. We have every type of variation for sale, and at the best prices too!