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How to Pick the Perfect Lawnmower for Your Needs

A lush, polished green lawn is what many homeowners dream of having, but for that, you need a good lawnmower. However, if your rusty mower has finally cut its last blade, then it has probably been a while since you have shopped for a new one. Whether you have five acres of lawn or a patch of grass, you have two options when it comes to cutting your lawn: you could hire a garden service to do it for you, or you could do it yourself. Whether you are a homeowner looking to keep your lawn polished and green, or just looking to upgrade old equipment, here is how to pick the perfect lawnmower for your needs.

Know Your Yard

Are you looking for a lawnmower that is great for quickly tidying up a small patch, or are you after a more powerful lawnmower that can whizz through an acre in a matter of minutes? To answer these questions, you would need to know whether your terrain is flat or full of slopes and inclines. Also, look at the number of trees, garden beds, and cobbled areas there are, as these would be in your path. If you are working with less than half an acre that has many garden obstacles, a walk-behind mower will do the trick. If your yard is much larger, a riding mower may be a much better choice for your yard.

All Grass Is Not Alike

The key to buying the right lawnmower is identifying the type of machine your grass needs. Grass comes in many different forms. Lawns with thicker, tougher grass will require a mower with higher horsepower and bigger, taller wheels. Whereas cylinder lawnmowers are best for flat lawns that you want to keep short and well-manicured, rotary lawnmowers are the most versatile type and will cope with just about every type of grass, and they are also better at cutting longer and rougher grass. Hover lawnmowers hover above the ground, and are an excellent choice for unusual-shaped lawns. However, they are not always suitable for larger gardens.

While budget plays a pivotal role when it comes to choosing a lawnmower, the type of lawnmower you need will largely be determined by the size of your lawn, level of terrain, the type of obstacles, and type of grass. Today, there are many different types of lawnmowers that can be purchased, including electric, petrol-powered, rechargeable battery powered, and push mowers. Fortunately, the Lawnmower Clinic is renowned for offering the best local and international brands at affordable prices. Chat with us to find out more about our extensive range of lawnmowers for every homeowner’s need.