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How to Pick a Lawnmower That is Easy on Nature

South Africans love the outdoors. Not only do they enjoy spending their weekends outside braaing and entertaining family and friends, but they also take great pride in their pristine rolling green lawns. Sadly, Mother Earth has been going through quite a rough time lately, which has sparked a growing trend towards greener living. Today, more and more South Africans are looking at sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Celebrated as the act of living with intent, and that is to do no harm to the environment, reducing one’s carbon footprint goes far beyond driving less and recycling. The act of reducing one's carbon footprint is all about changing the purpose of how you live, and one good place to start is with your lawnmower. In environmental terms, lawnmowers are notorious for being absolutely filthy. Running one produces a lot of air pollution.

Mowing the lawn can be a tough chore for many, and a non-environmentally friendly one at that, which is why if you are thinking about replacing that vintage smoke-belching petrol beast you have been using for the past few years, here are two types that are not only economical, but also easy on nature.

The Rotary Blade Reel Mower

Economical on the wallet and with no on-site emissions, the reel mower has been cutting grass successfully since 1830, and can still be found throughout the globe today. Having gone through tremendous technological improvements over the past few decades, a reel mower is a push mower with a series of blades that turn as the motor is pushed. Today’s reel mowers are light and silent, and will lower your carbon footprint. Although a much healthier option for the environment, they do require muscle power to push, which is probably why the electric Tandem Pacer is so popular amongst South Africans looking to go green.

The Electric 2200w Tandem Pacer

The Tandem Pacer Lawnmower is a good replacement for today's petrol-powered model. Once a fairly pricey mower, the 2200w Tandem Pacer is an economical model for medium-sized yards. It is easy to start, needs little maintenance, and is super reliable. While its performance and features are quite similar to that of petrol-powered mowers, this reliable electric lawnmower boasts quality pressed steel chassis, and will give you many years of service.

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