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Lasher Quality products

We have been appointed as official Lasher agents and distributors. Our company has been selling the Lasher brand for several years, purchasing from other distributors. Recently we negotiated a deal with Lasher, and Grassnyer Kliniek is now purchasing directly from the manufacturer, bringing the end user a large range of gardening products at excellent prices.

Lasher Tools’ commitment to superior product is clearly reflected in standards of quality that competitors struggle or simply fail, to match...

At Lasher Tools, a shovel isn't just a shovel - there are far more shapes and sizes than most people would imagine. Apart from the more obvious varieties such as round-nose and square-mouth blades, there are types for firing steam locomotives, cleaning ash from industrial boilers, solid socket shovels, and pit pan shovels. We even make chrome plated ceremonial spades. Specialised products are also made for customers, with close attention being paid to client relations for ultimate satisfaction. Lasher's aspiration for the future is to continue with its mission statement of servicing Africa and the world with a branded range of quality hand tools. As long as there are buildings to erect, roads to build, fields to sow and hoe, mines to mine and gardens to grow, we will continue to manufacture tough, reliable tools. Guaranteed.

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