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Types of Fertilizer spreaders

There are two types of fertilizer spreaders, broadcast and drop. Spreaders are used to fertilize, seed and even for melting ice(not that we’ll need that in Pretoria!). Choose tow or push models that get the job done; solid construction and reliable design ensure even and continuous flow and spread of materials, eliminating “streaks.”

Broadcast spreaders (also called rotary spreaders) cover a lot of square meters quickly. The material drops from the hopper onto a spinning disc that disperses it over the lawn. Overlap the coverage to avoid missing any spots – the further away from the spreader the material is thrown, the lighter the coverage. What you gain in coverage you may sacrifice in control. That same spinning disc can also scatter the material into a neighbor's yard or into the street. If you want complete control, think about getting a drop spreader.

Drop spreaders can easily cover straight lines with little waste, but they must be used with care. Since the material drops straight down in a width equal to that of the hopper, striping can occur if the entire area is not covered equally. Striping is the distinctive pattern created when you miss or overlap rows.

Both types are also available as attachments to ride-on mowers and ATV’s. We also have tractor mounted options.