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Stihl Vacuum Cleaners

Stihl Vacuum Cleaners

Where there’s work, there’s usually a mess. STIHL wet/dry vacuums have what you need to make your clean-ups faster, quieter and cleaner than ever.

Powerful suction? Check.

Intuitive convenience features? Check.

German-engineered filter technology? Check.

The list goes on. Whatever your work leaves behind, clean it up with STIHL.

Perfect for your home or the jobsite, STIHL wet/dry vacuums are designed to clean your workspace fast – allowing you to switch instantly from dry to wet clean-up without a filter change. Plus, each vac features an array of attachments to tackle your mess, whatever or wherever it may be. These attachments are kept close at hand on a self-contained tool keeper, so you never have to worry about an impromptu scavenger hunt slowing you down.

STIHL vacuums also feature pleated air filters, backed by an additional fleece filter for trapping fine particles. And with this kind of suction, you’ll be pulling in particles of every shape and size. There’s even a built-in filter cleaning system, so you only have one mess to worry about. We’ve got the rest covered.

Homeowner Vacuum

Big messes can happen anywhere, especially at home. STIHL wet/dry vacuums for homeowners pack enough power for professional cleanup tasks, but are ideal for your home garage or workshop. This vac features a number of professional touches, including a high-efficiency air filter, long electrical cord, durable aluminum vacuum tubes and handy on-board attachments. It can also go from wet to dry cleanup without a filter change. It’s a STIHL quality vac, delivering faster cleanup with less effort. View the SE61 here

Professional Vacuum

If it’s worth cleaning up, it’s worth cleaning up well. STIHL wet/dry vacuums for professionals deliver superior suction for your toughest cleanup tasks. This vac features a quiet and powerful motor, long suction hose, extra long electrical cord and quick access to a wide range of onboard accessories. It can also go from wet to dry cleanup without a filter change. No matter what kind of mess your job creates, you can clean it up fast with STIHL. View the SE122 here