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Quality Chainsaws | Wide Range of Chainsaws

A chainsaw is an essential item in any garden shed. Ever wanted to remove an annoying branch or a small tree that was blocking a wonderful view? A chainsaw will ensure that your garden or tree area looks its best. Save the trouble and do everything within a fraction of the time you would take with any other method!

We have a large variety of different models chainsaw available. Chainsaws are most commonly used in logging activities such as felling, delimbing and bucking. They are also used by tree surgeons to fell trees and remove branches and foliage. Other applications include cutting firebreaks, rescue operations by fire brigade, and the harvesting of firewood.

Chainsaws consist of a power unit, petrol or electric, a guide bar, and the cutting chain.

There are various types of chainsaws available for different applications. Your options will include arborist, hobby, semi-professional and professional models. Lengths of the guide bar and chain varies, as well as the size of chain. The top brands include more safety features and operator protection.

Chainsaws can be dangerous, and serious injuries can arise from incorrect use. Protective clothing should always be worn while operating them. Chains must be kept sharp to perform well, this can be done with a round file or your dealer can sharpen the chain for you.

Chainsaws are specialist equipment, and should be purchased from specialists. Advice on the correct model for your application, as well as advice on the safe operation should be given obtained when purchasing.

Another useful tool to have around is an axe. The axe is an ancient tool used to shape, split and cut wood. Most modern axes have steel heads and wooden or fiberglass handles. Modern axes are specialized by use, size and form.

Hatchets are lightweight axes with a short handle which makes them easy to carry around. They are also suitable for indoor use for example as a kitchen axe. The heads are thin head and the back of head can also be used as a hammer for lighter work.

Hand axes are slightly longer than hatchets and ideal for trimming trees and other general purpose work. The head is equipped with a thin blade and, together with the longer handle, provides a longer swing and a deeper cut than a hatchet.

Felling axes are heavier axes with longer handles and a thinner edge, to cut easily into the wood when felling trees.

Splitting axes have a special wedge-shaped head, and with it’s weight, provides easier penetration when forcing the wood apart. Mauls are heavy sledge hammers which are used to drive poles or, together with a splitting wedge, to split very hard and thick wood.

Contact a Grassnyer Kliniek/Lawnmower Clinic Sales representative for information on the correct chainsaw for your specific application.

Drill without electricity!

The powerful Stihl BT45 petrol drill drives wood drills from 13mm up to 25mm in diameter or drives planting-hole drill into the ground.

The ideal alternative to an electric drill with generator whenever holes have to be drilled without electricity. The users include everyone involved in outdoor building or repair work, building forest huts, erecting telephone cables, thatch roofs, fencing, erecting feeding troughs, or construction in parks(benches, playgrounds).

Planting augers extend the range of uses for the Stihl BT45. Drill holes for planting new trees and bushes or put up fences.

Find more information here

Earth augers also available!

New Products - December 2011

Mopping Trolleys*

Still using a mop & bucket? It's time to upgrade to a new Mopping Trolley from Grassnyer Kliniek/ Lawnmower Clinic Pretoria. We have two versions available, a single bucket as well as a double bucket.

* available January 2012

View the two products here

Mist Cooling

New on the shelf is the Orbit ArizonaMist Personal Mister. Can't handle the heat? Relax, cool yourself down and be the envy at gatherings when your friends and family are sweating while you stay cool. The personal mister holds 500ml water, and has an easy pump action to build up pressure. It is also an ideal gift.

Personal Mister

View the Personal Mister as well as other Misters here

Multi-sharp Sharpening Tools

Another ideal gift is one of our Sharpening Tools. Sharpen your hedgeshears, spades, pruners, loppers, knifes, darts, scissors and more with one of our Multi-sharp sharpening tools.

We have four options available.

View the Multi-sharp Sharpening Tools here.

Mulch or collect grass!

The new Tandem Mulch & Plug Lawnmower is available with a Petrol engine or 2600w electric motor. Mow your lawn and decide for yourself whether to collect the grass in the 48 liter grassbox, or to mulch, simply by inserting or removing the mulch plug!

Not only do you have a working lawnmower but it has the additional features of :-
  • not collecting grass saves time – just push & cut
  • by placing mulch onto the soil you will be retaining moisture – good for healthy lawns
  • by placing mulch onto the soil you will retard weed growth
  • the top of all grasses are rich in nitrogen – so if you lop off the top of your grass & mulch it into the lawn – you are fertilizing while cutting.

View the petrol model here

View the electric model here


High Pressure water, clean around the house

Stihl cleaning

The Robust and powerful range of STIHL® pressure cleaners which feature an extremely high working pressure are the one and only choice for your cleaning needs, from cleaning the driveway to blasting the dirt off your tractor. There is a model available to suit your specific needs.

We currently have specials running. The RE98 is available at R1995 incl Vat, and the RE108 sells for only R200 more. Come have a look today, and go home with a brand new Stihl High Pressure Cleaner!

High pressure washers are mechanical devices that use water and in some cases detergent to clean surfaces such as vehicles, buildings, drive- and pathways, garden furniture and patios.


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Go Green....No Gasoline. No Emissions. No Power Cord.

The remarkable Stihl Cordless range of battery powered products is now available!

No Gasoline. No Emissions. No Power Cord. These are just a few of the benefits offered by this state-of-the-art cordless products.

The range consists out of a Blower, 2 Trimmers, 2 Hedgetrimmers and a Chainsaw. Three battery and two charger options are available.

Read this article from Popular Mechanics, and independent review on the range: Click here

Read more: Go Green....No Gasoline. No Emissions. No Power Cord.